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Let me introduce myself in English now (just in case any foreigner wants to read my blog 🙂 ). My name is Ana. I am 21 and I am a student of English at the University of Oviedo, a city in the North of Spain where I live with my parents.

I enjoy travelling and meeting new people from different cultures. What I do not know is if this is a cause or a consequence of my love for languages. I am also really interested in journalism, especially when it focuses on sports. The fact is that in my free time I like following sport events either on the radio or the TV. Another hobby I have is reading. I would always recommend 19th century English literature and also books such as In the Shadow of the Wind or The Bronze Horseman. I also like watching movies, especially romantic comedies (Hugh Grant’s, for example). Finally, something that always goes with me is music. Funnily enough, I prefer Spanish singers, such as Alejandro Sanz, my favourite one.

Personally, I feel that during my English lessons I have worked more on my written than oral skills. That is why I think my partner and I could use msn or skype to phone and improve them. We could talk about education and working possibilities in our countries, stereotypes, news…

Below you have a picture of me in my favourite city of my second favourite country: Galway, in Ireland.


2 Responses to “JusT Me”

  1. xandrita Says:

    hello Ana!

    bueno pues viendo que poco a poco me voy defendiendo con esto de los blogs te dejo aqui el enlace de mi blog para que te pases vez en cuando y cotileemos tanto tu como yo nuestros respectivos blogs….


    un beso enorme

  2. soniagr Says:

    Y en Galway también estuve!! cómo mola Irlanda, eh? yo me enamoré de ese país.. ojalá pueda volver pronto..


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